History - Alberta's Challenge - Equitable municipal access to industrial property tax assessment in Alberta

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Alberta's Economy & Democraphics changed.

Agriculture went from being 75% of the province's GDP in 1920 to to being less than 2% in 2011.
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Alberta's Population changed as well, from 75% Rural in 1900 to 83% Urban in 2011.
Alberta is Canada's third most Urban province following B.C. and Ontario.
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If only the province's municipal structures and property tax systems had kept pace with the changes in Alberta's demographics...

They didn't.

Since 1996 when the latest Municipal Government Act was created, The urban 81% of the population's share of Alberta's industrial property tax revenues has actually fallen from 97.8 Million that year to 95.7 Million in 2013. The rural 19% of the population's share grew from 463.6 Million that year to 16.7 BILLION in 2013. To be clear, this isn't 16.7 Billion spread over all of those years. The rural 19% got 16.7 Billion dollars in 2013 alone.

Everyone in Alberta contributes to our economic prosperity and everyone should share equitably.

The present situation cannot be fair, and isn't...

See "Industrial Assessments" for more information

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