Alberta's Challenge - Equitable municipal access to industrial property tax assessment in Alberta

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Why is almost 95% of the 1.7 Billion dollars of property tax revenue generated by Alberta's industrial assessment base kept away from 80% of Alberta's population?

This assessment base generates the bulk of Alberta's resource and industrial property tax revenues and the money it generates is being kept away from the vast majority of Albertans.

Our cities, towns and villages in Alberta are facing ever increasing infrastructure deficits.

The massive deficits are seldom discussed and the reason is simple. These municipalities have very limited resources with which to address this very difficult problem.

Acheiving equitable access to Alberta's industrial assessment base would go a long way to resolving these issues.

Actual numbers: 


The rural 19% ofAlberta's population, specifically excluding those in rurally located towns and villages, accessed 16.7 Billion dollars of industrial property tax revenues  in 2103 while the urban 81% of Alberta's population accessed only 95.7 Million dollars. 

That's 17 times the money for 1/5th the population.

2013 Figures are the latest available from Alberta Municipal Affairs (April 2015)

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